5 Reasons To Choose Chiropractic

Choosing a doctor or treatment method should depend on the individual patient needs. Many people are taking charge when it comes to their treatment plans and deciding on "alternative" treatment from a chiropractor. Here we discuss 5 reasons to choose chiropractic care.

Treat Pain with Less Medications

Pain medications are a common treatment for back pain and other associated ailments. In many cases the side effects of these pain medications can negatively affect your health. Long term use of prescriptions can take a toll on the liver and kidneys. It can also cause ulcers in the digestive system and affect your cardiovascular system.

Chiropractic care treats the pain with alternative methods to medication. This includes spinal manipulations, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, electrical stimulation, and heat/cold modalities. Studies show that patients who choose chiropractic care are less likely to use opioids for pain.

Treatment of the Whole Body

Chiropractors treat ailments in the body through correcting subluxations in the spine and improving nervous system function. By treating the patient as a whole, and not focusing on just one area or body part, patients see improved overall health.

An ailment in the lower extremity for example, could be exacerbated from a problem in the spine. Chiropractors perform full body evaluations to get to the root of a problem. This holistic approach to healthcare incorporates the patient's mental, emotional, and social factors to treat the patient. Many patients see benefits from lifestyle coaching and nutrition advice from a chiropractor to make long lasting improvements in their health.

Conservative Treatment

For many patients with spine problems, managing the problem with chiropractic care is an option other that surgical intervention. Non-surgical treatment is less stressful on the body and have fewer risks. It is important, however, that you weight your options and choose the course of treatment that works best for your needs. For example, more conservative treatments will take a longer amount of time. Surgical interventions might provide a faster route to pain relief.

Improved Overall Health

Reducing spinal subluxations will lead to a better functioning nervous system but that isn't the only benefit to your overall health. Chiropractic care can also decrease tension in the body for less headaches and neck pain. You might also see better posture and improved athletic performance.

Chiropractic care has also been known to decrease blood pressure, improve immune function, and reduce inflammation in the joints. There is also a link between the nervous system and digestion, so many patients see improved gut health. Happier moods and improved sleep patterns are also signs of improved overall health thanks to chiropractic care.

More Time with your Doctor when you Choose Chiropractic

In a time where medical care can often feel rushed, chiropractic care provides one on one treatment sessions. Treatment plans are often ongoing, so regular visits with your doctor will facilitate reevaluations of your health. Regular visits provide you time to speak with your doctor and address any new concerns or changes with your pain and lifestyle management.

If you are considering chiropractic care for treatment of your ailments, Dr. Shane Silver is here to help. Contact the office today to schedule a consultation.