5 Steps to Back Pain Relief

Back pain is an affliction that can strike a person at any time in their life. While most back pain occurs as a result of an injury, some people experience back pain for other reasons such as nerve damage or muscle strain. Back pain can also sometimes resolve itself spontaneously over a period of time. However, for many sufferers of back pain, chronic aches and stiffness are frequent symptoms of this condition that can occur daily. There are many different treatments for back pain that can range from surgery to massage. Therefore, the following five steps are provided to help anyone who suffers from back pain to find relief for their condition. 1. Keep moving-When people first experience back pain, a common reaction is to stop what they are doing and rest. However, gentle, frequent movement is essential for keeping the muscles in the back healthy and flexible. Continuing with normal activities will also help to reduce stiffness as the muscles will be stretched with every move. 2. Practice safe lifting and bending-If a person is already experiencing back pain, then they will need to be careful about how they lift heavy objects and bend over to reach items. When lifting heavy boxes or other items, it is important to bend from the knee, and hold the objects close to the chest. This can help to reduce the strain that is placed upon the back. 3. Exercise every day-While any type of exercise is good for a person's physical health, there are several types of exercise that are especially beneficial for reducing back pain. Walking is a simple exercise that almost anyone can do. When a person walks, their abdominal and back muscles work in unison. This helps to build up a person's core strength. Additionally, yoga can provide benefits by promoting flexibility and strength in the back muscles. 4. Have a massage-For back pain, massage can be helpful for relieving chronic tension that can add up to more pain. However, it is important to see a specialist who understands how to perform a massage for someone with a particular type of back pain. This is especially important if back pain is due to surgery or injury. Additionally, gentle massages can be done at home through the use of a hand-held massager or a partner's gentle touch. 5. Visit a physical therapist-In some instances, back pain is best relieved through the help of a professional. If regular exercise, relaxation methods and safety practices do not provide enough relief, then a physical therapist can guide a person through specially designed exercises that will enable them to begin to feel relief.