Adjustment Benefits for Sinus Troubles

You probably already know that a spinal adjustment from a chiropractor can be effective in treating sports injuries or injuries suffered during an auto accident. What you might not know is that chiropractic care can be used to treat sinus troubles. Dr. Shane Silver and his staff see patients all the time who are desperate for relief from seasonal allergies and sinusitis. Many of these issues can be treated with over-the-counter or prescription medication, but chiropractic treatment regimen has been shown to also be effective in treating these conditions. These treatments are all-natural and completely safe, making them effective for anybody who doesn't want to or cannot rely on medication for relief.
Chiropractic Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis
Sinusitis is a condition in which the sinuses become inflamed. Symptoms include nasal congestion, a runny nose, headaches, and an irritated throat from postnasal drip. Chronic sinusitis is traditionally treated with medication, but the right chiropractic regimen can provide relief. A good chiropractor will be able to offer nutrition and lifestyle advice or perform spinal adjustments to help alleviate symptoms, and in some cases, trigger point therapy can help reduce inflammation. It's important to remember that every person is different, and no two people will respond to chiropractic treatments in the same way. Our staff will work closely with you to find the treatment regimen that works best for you to alleviate the worst of your symptoms.
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