Chiropractic Care Treats These 5 Ailments

Chiropractic Care Can Treat these 5 Ailments That Might Surprise You

Yes we can help with that! Many people think that chiropractic care involves only the neck and back- but there are many more ways to improve your health through seeing a chiropractor. As health care professionals with expertise in the musculoskeletal and nervous system, a chiropractor’s skill set treats these areas that affect the overall body. 

Think of it this way- the spine is centrally located in the body and protects your spinal cord. So the better aligned and effective your spine is- the better your nervous system helps your body function. Here are five problems that chiropractic treatment can improve you might not have considered before. 

Increased Immunity and Better Overall Health

When the spine is out of alignment it can throw off your overall health. Proper positioning of the cervical spine can lower blood pressure. Treatment to the cervical and thoracic spine can increase breathing efficiency and decrease the symptoms of asthma. Likewise, vertebrae protecting the nerves that control your digestive system can also control problems such as acid reflux and gas. 

Overall the proper positioning of the spine can increase your immunity, leading to fewer illnesses and faster recovery time. 

Headaches and TMJ Pain

Tension headaches, migraines and pain in the TMJ (lower jaw) can all be treated with chiropractic care. Often times the cervical spine can be out of alignment leading to muscles tension and trigger point pain. The muscle imbalance leads to tension headaches and migraines. Similarly, the muscles surrounding the neck and lower can become tight and cause TMJ pain. 

Chiropractic care for headaches and TMJ pain include spinal alignments, massage, and corrective exercises. With these techniques the pressure is released and pain can be resolved or improved.


Many people suffer from inflammation of the sinuses, or sinusitis, caused from allergies or colds. The increased production of mucus in the sinus passages can cause pain, pressure, congestion, dizziness, and even fever. Chiropractors can treat the increased tension in the thoracic and cervical spine caused from coughing, and muscle tightness. Realignment of the spine can reduce the exacerbated symptoms and provide relief.

Another chiropractic treatment for sinus congestion involves techniques like massage and percussions to loosen the mucus and promote drainage. By manually promoting sinus drainage it can quickly provide relief.

Pediatric Care

Children and infants can also have spinal misalignments that affect their wellness. Chronic pain, sleep issues, and asthma in children can be caused by spinal problems. Adjusting the spine to the proper alignment can reduce the issues that they cause. Chiropractic care can also benefit children who suffer from ADD and ADHD. By improving the efficiency of the nervous system, it can improve a child's neural brain development. This can result in reduced behavior problems.

Infants can also have spinal alignment issues from being in the womb for positioning while sleeping. These spinal misalignments can cause increased reflux and colic. They can also affect a newborns ability to latch when breastfeeding. By treatment with chiropractic care, infants grow healthy with less of these issues.

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care

Chiropractic care is safe and effective during pregnancy. It's common for the spine to to misalign with loosening of ligaments and growth during pregnancy. Treating these postural adaptations can improve health and decrease pain.

These problems can continue after the pregnancy when the mother's body is readjusting to no longer carrying a child.  Spinal adjustments, massage, and corrective exercises can help improve post-natal health.