How to Avoid Injury While Working in Your Garden

It's summertime and gardeners are out doing what they love best. Here are some tips for avoiding injury while working in your yard.
Start Slow and Warm-Up
It is a good idea to start slow and warm up before you do any type of strenuous activity. You should spend five to 10 minutes of light warming up before you start doing any of the heavier yard work. You can even do a combination of stretching and light exercise. Shoulder exercises, spine rotation, body squats and hamstring stretches are examples of some exercises that you can do before you start gardening.
Take Breaks
Many people make a trip to the chiropractor's office after working too hard during the weekend. Not warming up and not taking breaks when you need it are some of the worst things that you can do while you are gardening. You will need to take a 10-minute break after working for one hour. You should drink some water and stretch during your break. You will need to adjust the number of hours that you spend working in the garden per day based on your fitness level and age.
Get Adjusted
You will need to have a healthy spine in order to work in your garden. You will be less likely to get injured if your spine is lined up properly. That is why it is a good idea to see a chiropractor for an adjustment before you start doing any garden work. An adjustment will increase your mobility and flexibility. It will also ensure that your nervous system works properly. Not only should you get a chiropractic adjustment before you do any yard work, but you will also need to get an adjustment every week. If you want to get an adjustment, then you will need to see Dr. Shane Silver at Silver Chiropractic & Wellness.