Braces For Back Pain: When and How to Use Them

In certain instances, the right back brace can help the spine heal and help prevent back pain. Although they can be beneficial, braces for back pain aren't a catch all. Understanding when and how they should be used will improve your results.

When Braces Can Be Effective

Back conditions in which the stability of the spine is a factor can see bracing as beneficial. These types of conditions include herniated discs, vertebral fractures, and spinal stenosis. Osteoarthritis and other conditions that might develops bone spurs can also benefit from improved stability in the spine from bracing. The main idea is that if you can prevent the movements of the spine that are exacerbating pain and nerve issues, you will have less of these symptoms.

If you are recovering from spine surgery bracing is also very common. This will assist in spinal stability as the spine and tissues involved are healing. Bracing can also help improve posture during movement in addition to providing a proprioceptive reminder to be careful when moving the spine.

How To Use Braces For Back Pain

The first thing to remember when using a back brace is that using one will almost always be temporary. It's purpose is to help with spine stability and load during healing. Back braces also don't "fix" the ailment, rather they protect the area. Steps should be taken to physically help the spine heal and aid in recovery. Corrective exercises, physiotherapy, massage therapy and other modalities should be used in conjunction with the plan to recovery.

Back braces vary depending on the purpose, but some main characteristics can be seen in effective braces. These characteristics include:

  • Provides stability- when the brace can limit the range of motion in the lumbar spine that that articulates the injured area, it can help protect during healing.
  • Takes pressure off the spine- bracing can help unload pressure on the spine and relieve pain and muscle guarding caused from injury.
  • Comfortable and easy to use- if your back brace makes you feel uncomfortable or it's difficult to get on your unlikely to use it effectively. Be sure to wear the brace as instructed.

It's always important to consult with you doctor and follow their instructions when it comes to using a brace for back pain. Contact Dr. Shane Silver with Silver Chiropractic and Wellness today to get feeling better, faster.