Chiropractic Can Ease Pregnancy Pain

A woman's body goes through amazing changes during pregnancy. These hormonal and physical changes are important for development of the baby, but can be uncomfortable side effects. Chiropractic care is a beneficial option to treating these symptoms, especially when it's recommended to avoid medications. How can chiropractic ease pregnancy pain?

Hormonal Effects of Pregnancy

Hormonal changes consist of an increase in estrogen and progesterone. While these aid in development of the baby and prepare the body for childbirth, unpleasant side effects can arise. Quickly rising estrogen levels in the first trimester can increase nausea. High levels of progesterone cause the joints to become more lax and increase risk for joint injury.

Progesterone also caused the organs needed to sustain a growing baby increase in size. The uterus, for example, will grow to compensate for the size of a full term baby. These changes in size of organs creates shift in your center of gravity. Spinal alignment is often affected and exacerbates back pain. Progesterone also can cause an increase in acid reflux and other digestive issues. A relaxed stomach valve causes these issues.

Chiropractic care can help ease these side effects. If nausea, commonly known as morning sickness, is a problem than realigning the spine is beneficial. This will improve the function of the nervous system and help restore a better balance. This can help with nausea, heartburn, and other GI issues. It can also prevent joint injuries from the relaxed ligaments.

Physical Effects of Pregnancy

Typically pregnancy results in gaining 25-30 extra pounds. This alone can cause the alignment in the spine to shift. As the baby grows in the abdomen, the abdominal muscles weaken and the curve in the lower back increases. As the body changes the center of gravity changes and can cause misalignments of the spine. These changes can exacerbate back pain, and create postural problems.

Chiropractic care can help keep the spine in alignment and ease pregnancy pain associated with bodily changes. With the spine in a more functional alignment, the baby will have less external restrictions to movement and positioning in the pelvis. This can also reduce the risk of complications during birth and the need for cesarean.

There are also many other aspects of chiropractic care that can help ease back pain with pregnancy. Massage, exercise, and hot/cold modalities are also helpful tools to reducing back pain.

Check With Your Obstetrician First

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is typically safe, however, it's important to check with your Obstetrician first to make sure you are cleared. You will not want to start chiropractic appointments if you are experiencing problems with the placenta, preeclampsia, bleeding, or if you have an ectopic pregnancy.

Dr. Shane Silver has helped many patients feel better and have better overall health during their pregnancy. Contact the office today!