Chiropractic Care for Foot Pain

Foot painGiven the number of bones in the foot, it is no wonder that foot pain is so common. It is also one injury that can be very debilitating unless you take a trip to a chiropractor to have your foot pain treated.

Chiropractors Can Treat The Feet

Chiropractors are often seen as specializing only on the back. However, a chiropractor is capable of treating the entire body, including various conditions that cause the foot to hurt.

Shoe Inserts Do Not Treat The Underlying Problem

Foot pain can be alleviated through shoe inserts, but the underlying problem is that the bones in your feet are out of alignment. To solve this, the best approach is to have a joint manipulation performed by a trained expert. The foot adjustments that are performed are specific and gentle. They will target the exact area where you are experiencing pain. The areas that chiropractors can treat include:
  • The bottom of the foot
  • Ball of the foot
  • heel
  • Top of the foot
  • Side of the foot

Morton's Neuroma

This condition involves the nerve between the toes becoming inflamed. This leads to tingling and flaming sensations of the feet. Fortunately, this is a condition that is well-suited for treatment by a chiropractor. The problem is the result of the biomechanics of the foot, something that a chiropractor can treat. Foot and ankle pain can be a problem of the past with chiropractic care. Contact Dr. Shane Silver to schedule an appointment and have your foot pain corrected.