Chiropractic Care for Sore Knees

The Role Of Your Chiropractor In Treating Your Sore Knees

Knee PainIf you commonly suffer from sore knees, there is no reason to continue to suffer. The underlying reasons for sore knees can be treated without the need for surgery. There are several ways that a chiropractor can treat your knees.

Your First Appointment With The Chiropractor

A chiropractor will examine how you walk to determine if this can affect your sore knees. Once your walk has been evaluated, the chiropractor will use one of several therapeutic techniques to align your knee.

Joint Manipulation

Your chiropractor will use joint manipulation to improve the alignment of your knee. This procedure is especially common for patients who have undergone knee surgery.

Better Footwear

Sore knees are often a result of improper footwear. Your chiropractor will explain which shoes will help you walk more easily. It can be difficult to find the right footwear for yourself because the physiology of one's knee can vary from individual to individual. However, your chiropractor can work closely with you to find the perfect option.

Knee-Strengthening Exercises

Your chiropractor will teach you about the exercises that you can perform to reduce the soreness of your knees. By strengthening the muscles in your knee, your knees will be better able to support your weight and will not be as sore. This can include aerobic exercises and weight training.

Knee Stretches

Your chiropractor will provide you with instruction on how to properly stretch your knee to avoid soreness. Common stretches used to help alleviate sore knees include:
  • Wall calf stretches
  • Half-knee hip and quad stretch
  • Wall hamstring stretch
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