Chiropractic Care for Dancers

Beautiful dancer stretching on the floorDancing is a very physically demanding sport that places a lot of strain on the body. Because of this, dancers are placed at risk of sustaining injuries. A visit to a chiropractor is often what is needed to determine what the dancer might be doing wrong that is contributing to these injuries.

How Manual Adjustments Help Dancers

Dancers who have a misalignment of the muscular-skeletal system will not only be more prone to injury, but will simply not be able to dance their best. Fortunately, the misalignment can be treated with a manual adjustment that is entirely painless.

Treating The Root Cause

A skilled chiropractor will not only base his or her diagnosis and treatment off of the patient's medical history, but will also understand the biomechanics of how certain dance moves and positions can contribute to repetitive strain injury. You may need to coordinate with your chiropractor and with a dance instructor to make sure that you are performing dance moves in a manner that minimizes your risk of an injury. Professional dancers are often placed on strict schedules and have few opportunities to rest. Fortunately, when the body is in proper alignment, it will recover more quickly from the stresses placed on it.

Supplementary Exercise

Stretching and strength training exercises will not only reduce the risk that you will suffer an injury, but will also make you a more effective dancer. Dancing is a very physically demanding sport, but the body might need to be trained in other ways to excel. It's likely that the longer that you remain injured, the more that your dancing performance will be impacted. If you are a dancer who is frequently injured, or wanting to prevent injury, contact Dr. Shane Silver to schedule an appointment.