Desk Jobs and Back Pain

Every adult knows that even if you love your job, sitting at a desk from 9-5 can take a toll on your body and your mind. Common problems among those who work office jobs are back pain. Sitting in a chair, and especially one that is not equipped for lengthy sitting can cause discomfort that lasts past the time when you punch out for the day. There are a few techniques to help avoid while working an office job: 1) The chair: if you have an uncomfortable chair that you sit in 8 hours a day, you are almost promised to experience back pain. You must use a chair that offers support where you need it. Most companies will make sure their employees have a sufficient chair, if not, it's time to speak up! 2) Take short but frequent breaks: Taking a 5 minute break every hour to walk around a bit and even do some light stretching will help reduce back pain and discomfort. Even you just walk to bathroom and then to get a cup of coffee, it is better than nothing. Ideally, taking a short stroll around your office building is the perfect way to loosen up your body and you mind. 3) Get a small footstool: Having a little footstool that fits under your desk is a great way to add comfort to your workstation. By propping your legs up slightly, your body is at a 90-degree angel, enhancing comfort for your back. 4) Practice good posture: While sitting at your desk, try your best to sit up straight and keep your shoulders back. Slouching over your desk will only worsen back pain. We hope you find this information helpful. Don't forget, for all other chiropractic needs, call your CHIROPRACTOR, JACKSONVILLE