Different Types of Exercise

Exercise can play an important role in improving an individual's overall health and fitness. Frequent exercise can also lead to weight loss and increased strength. Exercise routines fall into three different types, including aerobic, anaerobic and flexibility. Aerobic Exercises Many people engage in aerobic exercise throughout the day without even thinking about it. Aerobic exercise helps to strengthen the heart and lung muscles. People who participate in regular aerobic exercise slowly build up their body's endurance over time. Typical aerobic exercises include running, walking, bicycling, hiking and other activities. These exercises truly push and challenge the heart and the body. Aerobic exercises are great for people trying to lose weight as these exercises can burn calories rapidly. Running, for example, helps the body to burn a significant amount of calories in a short period of time. Anaerobic Exercises Anaerobic exercise is more commonly thought of as strength training. This type of exercise helps to strengthen and increase the body's muscle mass. Typically, people participate in this activity with the help of weights or gym machines. Individuals can also use their own body as a tool by doing lunges, squats and other strength exercises. For a bigger challenge, individuals need to only add a couple of free-weights into the mix. For people hoping to lose weight, strength training can help speed up the process. The stronger the body's muscles are, the more calories it takes to maintain those muscles. Some runners take a day or two off from running per week to hit the gym for a strength training session. Flexibility Exercises Flexibility exercises are far more gentle than aerobic activities. These exercises help improve an individual's overall flexibility, posture and blood circulation. Many people use flexibility exercises to warm up before doing aerobic or anaerobic exercise. These exercises can help prepare the body for a workout and prevent injuries while exercising. Common forms of flexibility exercises include simple movements that stretch the entire body. Additionally, many people use yoga as a type of flexibility exercise. Proper yoga form requires the participant to hold certain poses for short periods of time. A complete workout featuring each type of exercise can help an individual truly challenge their body's endurance and fitness. A full workout can help people lose weight and improve their health at the same time. With proper nutrition, anyone can start their own fitness routine.