Headache Relief Tips

Woman trying temple pressure as one of many natural headache relief tips Headaches are an unfortunate part of life. But, they are just something we have to deal with from time to time. Whatever the cause may be, there are methods to relieve your pain without taking a pain reliever. So, before you reach for the medication during your next headache, try a few headache relieving pressure points on your body. You may be able to cure your headache naturally using these headache relief tips. Try to relax yourself before you begin. Start breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now, try a few of these headache relief tips and see if you feel better after… 1) Your temple: Slowing and softly rub your temples in a circular motion. This can help ease the pain of a headache. 2) Brow bone: Using your thumbs or index fingers and starting from the inside of your eye; slowing apply pressure and push your finger across your brow bone. Try this 10-15 times. 3) Webbing on hand: A well known headache relieving pressure point on your body is the webbing between your index finger and thumb. With the opposite hand, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the bone in that area (just pressing on the webbing will not help, you should be able to feel pressure on your bone). 4) Your neck: Reach back using both your hands and start to massage either side of your spine, starting at the bottom of your neck and working your way up to your scalp. A lot of people hold tension is their neck, if you can relieve that, you may help your headache.