Healthy Snacks

Dr. Shane Silver knows a thing or two about chiropractic health, but he also knows the importance of keeping your body healthy. Snacks are very important, they stimulate your metabolism and give you energy in between meals. Fruits are always a good choice, but most people don't know that fats are too (in small doses of course)! Try pairing a fruit and a fat for the perfect snack combination, you will get the boost of energy you need to make it to your next meal without cheating on your healthy eating lifestyle. healthy-snackss Here are some options: Fruits Strawberry Apple Grapefruit Orange Pear Mango Fats Cheese sticks Pistachios Cashews Walnuts Avocado Proteins Cottage cheese Hard-boiled eggs Greek Yogurt Not a fan of these healthy snacks? Do a little internet research to find what healthy snacks will work for you!