Hotel Room Workout

Even if you have a hectic business travel schedule, you can still keep up with your work out program and healthy lifestyle. In this blog post we will give you a basic work out that can be done in any hotel room or small space. If fitness is important to you and you travel often, this is the perfect solution for you! Hotel-Room-Workout Warm up: Start with 1 minute of jumping jacks to get your heart pumping. Set 1: 60 bicycle kicks (30 on each side) 30 tricep dips: you can use the hotel room bed or a chair. 30 lunges Repeat this set 3 times. Set 2: 30 sit-ups: place your feet under the bed for support if you need to. 30 push ups 30 squats Repeat this set 3 times. Set 3: Bicycle kicks for 1 minute Don't forget to keep up the pace don't take long breaks between exercises or sets. Only take about 10 seconds to break if you really need to. Keeping you heart rate up is key for exercises like these. There are many exercises like this one that can be done in hotel rooms for the busy traveler, all can be modified to fit your personal needs!