How Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Some of the Most Common Workplace Injuries

First Chiropractic VisitHave you been injured in a work accident or are you currently suffering from an overuse/repetitive motion injury due to the responsibilities of your job? It’s not only construction workers and people working in industries requiring manual labor who suffer from on the job injuries. As the Brooklyn chiropractic office of Dr. Jeff Mollins, D.C., we treat injuries of all types. When it comes to worker’s compensation, most people assume workers slipped and fell at work, or were otherwise injured due to a malfunction in the equipment. But the reality is you are just as at risk for an injury sitting at your desk. If your job requires completing repetitive motions, including working in an office at a desk or in a kitchen as a chef, you are susceptible to to repetitive strain injuries (RSI), like carpal tunnel. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is caused when your wrist’s median nerve begins to swell, putting pressure on the nerve and causing pain, including a burning sensation or difficulty holding an object. Seeing a Brooklyn chiropractor for a combination of adjustments, massage and physical therapy can help you relieve the pain without the need for medication. Dr. Mollins, a Brooklyn-based workers compensation chiropractor can assist those suffering from a back-related injury, which may be causing other forms of pain, like neck pain or migraines. Back pain may be caused from a herniated disk, or you may be holding poor posture while sitting at your computer screen. Continue to Full Article