Keeping Your Posture in Tip-Top Shape

Posture Issues and Chiropractic - Dr. Silver Chiropractic & Wellness

In general, people are born with good posture. Over time, learned behaviors will result in a posture that is less than ideal, which can cause a host of physical problems to emerge.

Poor posture can lead to health issues such as:

  • Back, shoulder, and neck pain - Chronic headaches and fatigue
  • Blocked digestion
  • Sciatica

Behaviors that contribute to poor posture are passive. It’s not that a person necessarily does something wrong. Rather, it’s a failure to do certain things correctly.

Contributing factors to poor posture include:

  • Continual slouching and torso slumping.
  • Gaining large amounts of weight.
  • Allowing the entire body to weaken because of the lack of exercise.
  • Never having routine chiropractic assessments.

Ways To Correct Posture Issues

Fortunately, poor posture is completely reversible. It does take effort and a few lifestyle changes. Here are a few ideas that can help:

Start an Exercise Regimen

When a body has poor posture for a long time, certain muscles and soft tissues will shrink. This causes a feeling of limited mobility. In order to compensate, the body will become even more misaligned.

You don’t have to become a gym rat in order to combat poor posture. Adopt daily exercises that focus on stretching the posterior muscles of the legs and back. Also, work to strengthen your core muscles with simple movements like holding in your stomach for long periods.

Be Aware of Poor Habits

Most people allow their bodies to slouch and slump unconsciously. For several days, try doing timed “form checks.” Every 10 minutes, evaluate your posture. Is your head drooping? Is your lower back rounded?

Keep in mind a simple body alignment trick. Hold in your stomach muscles, make your chin parallel to the floor, and slightly squeeze your shoulder blades together. Do this check even if you are seated.

Performing this body check will make you absolutely aware of how easy it is to fall out of the proper alignment. Eventually, these checks will become habitual.

Treat Your Body to Chiropractic Care

If you discover that you’ve suffered from a lifetime of poor posture habits, it might be difficult to tell what adjustments you need. Experienced chiropractors can spot any potential physical problems, and recommend positive habit changes.

Along with forming new personal habits, a chiropractor can provide a series of therapeutic treatments. Customized treatments relieve pain, immediately improve flexibility, and create a better sense of body awareness. Even when you learn to improve your posture, regular chiropractic visits are a good idea to preserve that feeling of wellness.

Learn more about the dangers of body misalignment by contacting the team at Silver Chiropractic & Wellness. A thorough evaluation is the surest way to begin the journey of improving your posture.