Massage Therapy for Neck and Back Pain

Massage TherapyGetting the necessary chiropractic care that you may need can also be relaxing as massage therapy is one of the options available to you if you experience neck or back pain. There are various types of massages that might help those with pain, and a chiropractor can evaluate your needs and recommend a treatment plan.

Deep Tissue Massage

You might have had neck or back pain so long that you do not even know what caused it as many people think chronic pain is something they must get used to when growing older, but a deep tissue massage could reduce chronic pain. A massage can block pain by triggering the release of hormones that allow you to feel good. This temporarily stops chronic pain so that you can have some relief until the root of your pain is found.

Swedish Massage

If you have been tense or busy and notice your back or neck muscles carrying the strain of extra stress, a Swedish massage offers a calming, gentle experience. This relaxing activity helps loosen muscles before a chiropractor administers other pain relief tactics which allows the spinal adjustments your chiropractor makes to be more effective.

Neuromuscular Massage

Not all aches and pains from a sports injury or car accident go away with time, and a neuromuscular massage can help when a specific muscle in the neck or back is still hurting after an injury. This massage releases tension in the problem areas by increasing blood flow and healing strained and torn muscles so that they can start growing strong again. This also helps because some muscles in the neck or back might be doing more work than others that suffered an injury, and there will be less strain when all your muscles are doing their respective jobs. Massage therapy can make a difference when you have back or neck pain, and Dr. Shane Silver at Silver Chiropractic can recommend the right type of massage and create a treatment plan for you. Massage therapy is available at Silver Chiropractic, so call today to set up an appointment.