Parents Seeking Chiropractic Care for Their Children

Parents Seeking Chiropractic Care for Their Children

Tobias Moteberg would not be confined to the chiropractor’s waiting room. The 1-year-old grinned mischievously at his mother before he bolted down the hall at a half-run, half-waddle.

“I play!” he announced, heading for the toy-filled room where he’d have his checkup.

A year ago, Tobias had his first visit to a chiropractor. He’s the newest Moteberg to receive chiropractic care, joining four other siblings ranging in age from 3 to 16.

“We knew that as our children were growing that we would seek chiropractic care as they had growing pains and accidents,” said his mother, Kimberly Moteberg. “And Tobias, he’s a mover and a shaker.”

The Motebergs see Dr. Anne Langford, a St. Paul chiropractor who specializes in pediatric care.

“For an infant, their only way to tell a parent they don’t feel good is by crying,” she said.

Most parents interpret crying to indicate hunger, fatigue or a digestive issue such as reflux. But in Langord’s experience, it also could point to a spinal alignment issue that could be fixed by chiropractic adjustment.

When the time for Tobias’ checkup came, he made himself at home in a room that looked nothing like the typical doctor’s office. The walls were covered in a three-dimensional ocean scene, and there were buckets of toys. Tobias headed straight for a fire truck.

“With a 2-year-old, you’ve got about 20 seconds to get it done because they’re either yelling at you or want to be done,” Langford said. Hence, all the toys to distract them.

His mother lay on the adjustment table with Tobias on top of her, while Langford gently probed along his spine.

“It’s hard to describe to a young kid what they’re going to feel,” she said. “So I always have them near Mom and Dad so that they’re not afraid.”

She carefully turned Tobias’ head to the left and to the right. When he heard the tiny pops from his adjustment, his eyes widened.

“Their spines are just like an adult spine but a miniature version,” Langford said. “The chiropractic care is relative to their size.” Continue reading full article here.