Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

quick-and-healthy-breakfast-ideaBreakfast: The most important meal of the day. Breakfast is our body's fuel to jump-start our day; skipping it is never a good idea. In order to live a long and healthy life you must stimulate your metabolism, while giving your body the nutrients it needs i.e. protein, healthy carbohydrates and fruits. Those of us living a busy life sometimes find it hard to eat healthy on a business schedule. Here are a few ideas for a quick and healthy breakfast to start your day off right... quick-and-healthy-breakfast-idea 1) Scrambled eggs and whole-wheat toast: You can quickly scramble 2-3 eggs in under 4 minutes while you toast is in the toaster. If you don't have time in the morning, slice up a few strawberries before you go to bed and store them for breakfast. 2) Protein smoothie: mix eggbeaters, frozen fruit, non-fat yogurt and skim milk in the blender. This is a VERY quick and healthy option for people on the go. 3) Oatmeal and Protein: mix powdered protein with oatmeal and sliced fruit of your choice. If you get a plain protein, you shouldn't even be able to taste it! 4) Hard boiled eggs and a bagel: You can hard boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week, this makes for a great breakfast protein choice. Zap a quick bagel and grab a few eggs and you are out the door! There are tons of options like these, research more on the internet to find other breakfast options as well as how important the meal is for your body. For all other wellness needs, visit Dr. Shane Silver: CHIROPRACTOR, JACKSONVILLE