Sacroiliac Pain and Chiropractic

The sacroiliac joint is the joint located between the sacrum and the ilium, which is the upper part of your pelvis. Sometimes referred to as the SI joint, this joint provides stability to the spine and pelvis, and allows for very little movement between the bones. Not only is chiropractic a treatment option for SI joint pain, but it is also a conservative and non-surgical option.

What causes SI Joint Pain?

The space where the sacrum and ilium meet are lined with cartilage. This provides a smooth surface where the bones meet, but can be worn down over time. Consequently, this can create pain and inflammation in the SI Joint. Common causes for the break down of this cartilage include osteoarthritis, injury to the SI joint, and ankylosing spondylitis. Pregnancy can also create inflammation to the area due to ligaments loosening in preparation for childbirth. In some cases the SI joint becomes inflamed from being pushed out of alignment, either from tight muscle groups or prolonged sitting or standing.

Sacroiliac joint pain

Symptoms of SI Joint Pain

It's sometimes difficult to tell sacroiliac joint pain from other lower back ailments. These are the most common symptoms of SI joint pain:

  • Pain in the lower back or buttock
  • Numbness or tingling down one or both legs
  • Pain radiating around the hip and groin area
  • Weakness in one or both legs
  • Tenderness over the posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS)

Symptoms may worsen with sitting or standing in one place for too long of a time. Specifically, sitting for prolonged amounts of time can increase pain. Lying on one side going up and down stairs are also often difficult with SI joint pain.

Sacroiliac Pain and Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is a conservative non-surgical way to treat SI joint pain. Chiropractors will determine the best method of treatment based on the individual patient and tolerance. Two techniques that chiropractors use to realign the spine include spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization. The goal of these techniques is to regain normal range of motion and reduce muscle tension.

In addition to chiropractic manipulation techniques, other treatments offered as part of chiropractic care include heat or ice, massage therapy, corrective exercises, ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation. If you are ready to start feeling better, contact Silver Chiropractic and Wellness to get your sacroiliac joint pain under control with chiropractic today!