Simple Ways to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyday, the news bombards us with stories about how the things we like are bad for our health. Eating fried food causes cancer, chocolate causes obesity, bacon causes heart disease, and coffee causes dehydration. While we all know how important it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is tough to say goodbye to our favorite indulgences in favor of the greater good. In reality, living a healthy life doesn't mean abstaining from everything we like. The key is to take small steps towards taking better care of ourselves. Add a piece of fruit and a vegetable to one meal a day. Instead of focusing on not eating what we think we shouldn't, it is far simpler to add healthy food to meals. Go ahead and enjoy the fried chicken, but be sure to complement it with fresh fruit and vegetables. For those who really don't like vegetables, consider concealing them. Shredded zucchini or carrots can be added to tomato sauces and baked goods. Cut the extra fat out of favorite dairy products by buying alternatives. Many low and non-fat coffee creamers are thick and tasty. There is also a wide selection of reduced fat cheese. Changing even one of these items can reduce the daily intake of fat. Salad dressings are another culprit of hidden fat. Try setting an allowance for how often full fat dressings are allowed on the table. Turn off the television one night a week and start a family tradition. This is a wonderful time for everyone to engage in some sort of physical activity together. During summer months, playing ball or riding a bike may be a good choice. During winter, be creative about adapting activities indoors. Dancing or yoga might be something fun to explore. Look for simple ways to get more exercise during everyday routines. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, pacing while talking on the phone or mowing the lawn are all great ways to increase physical activity. Of course, it goes without saying that smoking is bad for everyone's health. Again, the important thing is to set realistic goals that are easy to accomplish. If you can't quit smoking, make it harder to indulge. Ban smoking in the home or car, around children and pets. By setting yourself up for success, you will be one step closer to living a healthy lifestyle.