You Won't Believe How Effective a Soft Tissue Massage is!

Soft tissue massage offers a number of health benefits when performed by a professional therapist. This type of massage therapy exercises the soft tissues and joints to lessen muscle tension and pain. It can be particularly beneficial to athletes, helping them feel and function at their best.
Increase Flexibility
Developing muscle tension throughout the day is normal; soft tissue massage stretches muscle fibers to improve flexibility and help the muscles relax at the end of a long day. This not only makes you feel better, but it also lowers the chance of muscle injury and increases muscle flexibility.
Reduce Pain
Muscular pain from an injury or overworking can be reduced with soft tissue massage. Pain can interfere with daily life and the ability to train or perform well, but this type of massage helps you effectively deal with pain and focus more on the task at hand.
Improve Blood Circulation
Microtrauma is microscopic damage to facial tissues and muscles caused by intense training or large amounts of work. Increased blood flow in the affected areas enhances healing of micro-trauma. Soft tissue massage promotes blood flow throughout the body, which can result in healing and improved performance.
Stimulate Lymphatic Circulation
Soft tissue massage also stimulates the lymphatic system. Improved lymphatic circulation benefits the muscles by providing better removal of waste and more food and oxygen.
Lower Tension
Stress can make relaxing difficult, which is hard on the body. Routine soft tissue massage relieves muscle tension and helps you learn to how to let your mind and body relax, optimizing your sense of well-being.
Improve Your Sleep
Trying to go to sleep in a state of tension after a vigorous activity is likely to result in a poor night’s sleep. Sleep patterns can be improved by reducing tension through soft tissue massage, thus encouraging deeper, longer sleep. Getting good sleep is an important part of the recovery process. Soft tissue massage provides benefits that lead to increased overall well-being. Silver Chiropractic & Wellness provides soft tissue massage by trained professionals; check out our massage services to learn more.