Sore Muscle Relief

soar-muscle-reliefEver woken up the day after a work out and been so sore you didn't want to get out of bed? Although a good work out is always rewarding, the after effects can sometimes make you regret decisions you made in the gym a day or two before. Don't fret; there are a few different methods of sore muscle relief that are easily done in the comfort of your own home. While none of them will provide you with total and instant relief, they will certainly help your muscles relax and loosen up, relieving your discomfort somewhat. soar-muscle-relief 1) Heat: Helps to relax and loosen muscles and stimulates blood flow. Use a heating pad, hot towel, or even soaking in a hot tub or hot bath. 2) Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking lots of water can help to rehydrate your tired, sore muscles. When you work out without drinking plenty of water, your body becomes dehydrated, including your muscles. 3) Stretch: That feeling of tightness when you are sore makes you feel like stretching is the last thing you want to do. It may hurt a little, but your body will definitely feel better after your loosen up those tight muscles. 4) Rest: Your muscles need 24-48 hours to recover once they are sore. Give what muscle groups are sore a break for a day or two and concentrate on ones that are not. For example, if your legs are sore, work out your arms and abs that day and your back the next. Then you can do legs again once they have had a little break. You do not want to over work your body, you could end up really hurting yourself. Need a little extra help with an injury or wellness need? Call our CHIROPRACTOR, JACKSONVILLE. Dr. Shane Silver for help!