Stop Bone Loss In Its Tracks

As people grow older their bones are in a constant state of change. With so many changes it is important that the proper nutrients are ingested to ensure proper health and functioning. One of the most common ailments that produce weak, brittle bones is osteoporosis. In its early stages osteoporosis show only a few to no signs at all. As the disease progresses it can cause an assortment of symptoms. Some of the symptoms of osteoporosis are bone fractures, back pain, a gradual loss of height and bad posture. Women are more likely to get osteoporosis and although it can happen to almost anyone at almost any age, the most common age osteoporosis strikes is after 65. Although osteoporosis is a debilitating condition there are several ways a person can combat bone loss and strengthen your bones. Add Important Nutrients To Your Daily Diet: By eating the appropriate foods a person can strengthen their bones and promote healthy bone tissue growth. Incorporating calcium and vitamin D are also sure fire ways to achieve bone health. An individual can get calcium and vitamin D naturally in broccoli, Brazil nuts, skim milk, tuna and eggs. Get Moving: By staying physically active a person's bones will become stronger. Walking, running and strength training are great ways to build stronger, restored bones. Reference Family Health History: Research your family's health history. By looking at family health history will help a person become more prepared in the event of osteoporosis. Also, certain ethnicities, as well as gender can play a role in whether or not a person is more prone to bone loss. Seek A Primary Care Physician: If you feel you are at risk for brittle bones you need to express your concerns to a primary care physician that specializes in osteoporosis. A physician can offer options, suggestions and certain avenues that can be taken in order to stop bone loss and regain bone density. Avoiding certain foods and activities may also discourage bone loss and improve bone vitality. A person should avoid consuming sugary drinks, processed foods, smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks in excess in order to dissuade bone loss.