Stress Relieving Scents

stress_relieving_scents_01Stress can be a daily occurrence in the life of a busy person. Instead of letting it get to you, try a few different things to relieve your stress and calm you down. The obvious stress relievers are exercise, massage, etc. But let's talk about a more simple option that doesn't involve leaving your desk, house or wherever you may be...scents. There are many natural scents that can help relax and relieve stress. Combine deep breathing and some of these scents and you may be able to relax yourself without much effort at all! The most common scents used for relaxation include, lavender, basil, ginger, sage, rose, vanilla etc. Lavender: One of the most popular tranquil scents: Lavender oil, candle, or even hand lotion can promote peace in a stressful moment. Lavender can help in moments of anxiety of even sleeplessness. If you are prone to anxious thoughts or stressful days, try keeping a tube of lavender scented lotion with you and apply in moments of need. You can also keep a small tube of oil with you for an on-the-go option of stress relief. If you have the option to be at home and want to try using scents to relieve your stress: Try taking a sleep mask or cloth and putting a few drops of your choice of scented oil on it. Then lie down and put the mask over your eyes, breathe deeply and let the scents do their job. If you are a bath person, this is a great place to relax. Instead of your usual bubble bath, use a relaxing aromatherapy scent instead. Put on some soothing music and soak your stress away.