Tendonitis is when the sheaths of the tendons become inflamed. This is usually caused by prolonged use of the tendons, but it can sometimes be caused by a bacterial infection. Tendonitis is usually an occupational hazard for people who type at a computer for several hours, athletes such as baseball players or tennis players, for musicians who play musical instruments, or anybody else who have to make repetitive movements as part of their occupation.
Tendonitis Symptoms
Tendonitis symptoms tend to develop gradually and can be felt where the inflamed tendon attaches to the bone. The most common symptom is a pain that can best be described as a dull ache and that can be felt when the joint is moved. There may also be some tenderness and swelling at the joint. This swelling occurs in the sheath around the tendon. As the swelling narrows the sheath, the movement of the tendon is impeded, resulting in stiffness and increased pain.
Treatment for Tendonitis
The good news about tendonitis is that mild cases respond well to self-care measures. Avoid using the affected joint if at all possible, and use stretches to increase the range of motion in the joints to avoid developing tendonitis. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen can also ease the symptoms. Your doctor may suggest wearing a splint or wrap while your inflamed tendon heals. If you suspect that you have tendonitis and the symptoms are not improving with self-care, contact Dr. Shane Silver for assistance. Dr. Silver has been providing chiropractic care to patients for over 13 years, and he can suggest exercises and activities that could ease the symptoms associated with tendonitis and prevent the problem from recurring. For more information about Dr. Shane Silver's services or to schedule a consultation, contact his practice today.