Things to Do When Recovering from Surgery

The recovery time after surgery can sometimes become very boring. After all, a person can only watch so much television. Fortunately, there are ways to make this downtime more productive and more fun. Before surgery, think about some things that might be entertaining while in recovery. Here are a few ideas that can get the thinking process started. Get Creative This period of recovery may be a good time to start or complete any creative projects. If a half finished afghan is laying in the closet, pull it out and work on it a little each day. If it has always been desirable to learn how to crochet, buy an instruction book and supplies before the surgery and place them next to the bed. Catchup with Friends and Family When life gets hectic, it can become very easy to neglect personal relationships. Friends and family tend to lose contact with one another. This could be the perfect time to reconnect with people. Give a family member a call, or send an old friend an email. The conversations could make the time fly by very quickly. Stay Active Although it may seem like the last thing anyone would want to do after surgery, staying active is crucial to health and well-being. This does not mean, however, that a person should try to run a marathon the day after surgery. Just try to walk a little more each day, even if it only to the bathroom in the beginning. Expand the Mind Use the time in the bed or on the couch to learn something new. If a certain subject has always been appealing, try to find out everything possible about it. Before surgery, purchase new books or check out ones at the library. If internet access is available, there are a multitude of resources waiting at the fingertips. A person could get lost for hours discovering new and exciting things about any number of subjects. Surgical recovery does not have to be a boring, unproductive time in a person's life. On the contrary, it can be a very fruitful period in an individual's life. With a little forethought and planning, there are numerous activities to occupy a person's mind and time while he or she allows his or her body to heal after surgery.