Cracking the Code for Better Sleep

"Only when one cannot sleep does one know how long the night is." Find out more chiropractic tips for better sleep. Many of us do not get enough sleep at night. If you do not get enough sleep, then your safety and performance on the job will be compromised. People who have chronic insomnia are more likely to develop cancer, depression, diabetes and high blood pressure. Fortunately, there are ways that you can sleep better at night.

Keep the Spine in a Neutral Position

Back pain is one of the things that can keep people from sleeping. You can prevent back pain by keeping your spine in a neutral position. You may want to switch to a foam mattress. You can also sleep on your side or back position.

Use Posture Pillows

Posture pillows can be expensive, but they are definitely worth the money. You can purchase one of these pillows online. Posture pillows can make it easier for you to sleep by giving you additional support. You need a pillow that is consistent with your body shape and size.

Pillow Positioning

If you like sleeping on your back, then you can put two pillows at the back of your knees. This helps reduce the strain that is placed on your lower back. If you like to sleep on your side, then you will need to put a pillow in between your knees. This will take the stress off of your hips and lower back. It is not a good idea to sleep on your stomach. However, if you have to sleep on your stomach, then you can place a pillow underneath your hips. If you are still unable to sleep, then you can benefit from chiropractic care. You can contact Dr. Shane Silver at Silver Chiropractic & Wellness for an appointment.