Tips to Keeping Your Lumbar Limber During Air Travel

lumbar supportAs the holiday season rapidly approaches, many will be taking to the skies to reach their destinations over Thanksgiving and Christmas. But let’s face it — between the long lines, airport delays, cramped planes, and increased cost for a few extra inches of personal real estate, flying has become less pleasant over the years. I don’t have a work-around for these issues; however, I do have some tips to help lessen back and neck pain while taking that flight to your holiday destination.

1. Make Sure You’re Supported.

Cell phone charger — check. New cashmere sweater — check. Back Support —Wait... what?! The natural curve of our neck and back is shaped like the letter C. Sitting for hours without supporting the middle of the C will cause the lordosis in our spine to look more like C. Make sure your lumbar region is aligned parallel with the center of the seat, and that the headrest supports the center of your head. Bring a pillow to support your head and neck. If you’re worried about packing space, purchase an inexpensive inflatable travel pillow that can be readily be deflated. If you have recurring neck or spine issues, you may consider investing in a cervical or lumbar pillow for extra support. In a pinch, simply roll up a jacket or sweater to support your lower back. Read Full Article