What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine refers to treating the patient as a "whole." A holistic healthcare practitioner will treat the mind, body, emotions, and spirit of the patient to improve overall well-being. In some cases, medical care is so over-specialized, that only specific aspects of health are looked into. Holistic treatment considers these 5 different aspects of health.


The physical health of the human body is probably the easiest to evaluate and maintain. The body will show signs and symptoms of good health or poor health. Treating the your physical can consist of things like diet, sleep, and exercise.


Emotional health is very important to overall wellness. It involves your thoughts, feelings and creates behaviors. You can maintain emotional health through seeking therapy, writing down thoughts in a journal, and practicing healthy habits to reduce stress.


Mental health differs from emotional health, where it refers to how well your brain functions. You can improve your mental well-being through activities that involve problem solving and learning. You can also help keep your mind sharp by consuming foods high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Likewise, avoiding excessive alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs will improve metal health.


Numerous studies show that people who engage in social interaction report happier lives and less stress. Ensuring face to face interaction with others and involvement in your community can improve social wellness and overall health. It is also important for your social health to maintain healthy boundaries and avoid toxic relationships.


Spiritual wellness often overlaps with religion, but does not necessarily have to. Spending time to connect with yourself or the "greater beings" around you can help improve your mind spiritually. If you practice a religion, these rituals are often helpful. If you are not religious, simply spending time meditating or connecting with nature can help as well.

Treating the patient with holistic medicine

These 5 different aspects of holistic medicine work and intertwine together, so when one aspect isn't well it can affect the others. Dr. Shane Silver is a Holistic Chiropractor who treats the patient as a whole through various different types of treatments and therapies.

Lifestyle advice, nutrition, massage therapy and acupuncture are just some of the tools used in treating treating all aspects of a patient's health at Silver Chiropractic and Wellness.