What to Know Before Seeing a Chiropractor

What to know when seeing a chiropractorIf you are interested in seeing a chiropractor, there are some important things to know before your visit.

Initial Consultation

Your chiropractor will perform an initial consultation with you to decide what course of treatment will be best. The consultation will include a comprehensive health history and a full examination. Among other things, this examination will determine if you have any underlying nerve interference that could be hindering your body’s healing process.


Depending on what the initial consultation shows, your chiropractor may want you to have x-rays taken in order to have a comprehensive view of the type and severity of your problem.


If your chiropractor has found that you have a subluxation, you may receive an adjustment on your first visit. A subluxation is a problem with the joints in your spine which causes interference with your nervous system. If a subluxation is found, then an adjustment which consists of applying pressure to restore the function of your spine and, therefore, remove the interference may be administered. The adjustment can typically be done in just a few minutes. After that point, your body will begin a process of healing over the next days or weeks.


In many cases, pain relief can be gained after only one visit. In other cases, a few weeks or months’ worth of visits tends to do the trick. For more severe cases with underlying issues, continued visits as part of an ongoing wellness plan may prove beneficial for a healthy and vital life.