handwritten letter from happy patient of Silver Chiropractic & Wellness
Letter sent from patient of Silver Chiropractic & Wellness
handwritten letter of satisfied patient of Silver Chiropractic & Wellness
typed testimonial from patient of Silver Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Silver and his team are always caring and accommodating. Every week I am greeted with warm smiles and easy explanations of processes. Additionally, Dr. Silver uses his extensive knowledge in his field to relate adjustment choices in a simple manner to where I feel that I am given control of the situation. Je is extremely helpful and his team exudes a welcoming atmosphere for all to relax in. Thanks Dr. Silver and crew for a wonderful experience!

Esther R

I have been coming so long, that I should be part of the staff!

Regina B

Ya’ll bad ass, Best ever staff!

Jeremy S

Wonderful experience every time! Lovely staff and Dr. Silver is excellent! I feel great every time I leave here. Refreshed and in a lot less pain. I look forward to many years of service as I continue my maintenance.

Dorothy F

Dr. Silver and his staff have made and continue to make every visit stress free and enjoyable. AS soon as I come in for my appointment I am quickly seated in a tense reliving chair massage. After massage, I am off to a heated water jetted bed. Shortly after I am taken to do a quick stem treatment. I can honestly say throughout my visit I am politely asked about my comfort levels on each piece of equipment used. Further, each equipment I use, eases all my tension and relieves my pain. The follow up with Dr Silver is very thorough and always answers any questions I may have.

Teddy M

Dr. Silver and his staff are a very professional office with such kindness, and caring for their patients. Always a pleasure to come and have the warmth and personality of caring and each one assist me in my care. Office is very clean. There is no reason for anyone not to experience such a warm atmosphere with each one. It has been a pleasure being a patient here and knowing that my care is in their number one priority. Thank you so much!

Dorothy H

I receive massage work to deal with rheumatoid arthritis and a neuromuscular illness. The staff is professional and I never wait on my appointments. The staff is lovely, upbeat and very nice.

Ray R

It’s made a big difference for me in the way I go about my daily life. I’m much more functional in my life. Your staff is very accommodating and cheerful. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make coming here!

Dr. Silver. Melissa, and Haley keep me moving! I have a combination issue which affects my mobility arthritis pain syndrome spinal curvature. Without these wonderful people and their terrific staff, I would be a much less mobile (and emotionally stable) person, I can’t thank them enough for their professional skills or their smiling and encouraging positive attitudes!

Melody V

I started seeing Dr. Silver after having my shoulder pain after having my child. Nothing else had helped, but since coming here the pain has diminished greatly! The Bonus is his staff is amazing and so friendly!

Josephine C

When I came into this office after my accident I could not move my neck without crying. As a work out instructor, I was sure my “life” was over. Dr Silver and his staff made me feel so comfortable and got me back to working out and teaching long before I thought possible. The atmosphere created in this office allowed me to relax and get better. Further, more I fell that I have a wellness family now. Thank you guys!!

Brittany H

Dr Silver and his staff has helped me feel much better after my accident by providing excellent services that are very beneficial to my well being and the atmosphere is very pleasant. I look forward to my next massage.

Tammy H

I have come in here with severe headaches that have hospitalized me with so much pain and left pain less!

Ronnie B

Silver Chiropractic and Wellness staff are great and extremely professional with each job title. I enjoy each of my visits!

Tony G

The office staff is great and caring to patients. My time here has done wonders! Dr Silver is someone I would recommend to everyone with spine pain. I want to personally thank Dr Silver and the entire staff for a job well done!

Marjorie M

Very nice people and a real family feel here.

Edwin S

Dr. Silver is simply put amazing. He and his staff are very professional but beyond that they feel like family there. There’s not a any other person or place that I would highly recommend other than the wonderful staff at Silver Chiropractic. Dr Silver is pure gold ☺

Gloria A

Dr. Silver and Staff has been great. There personality and everything come with it. A great place to come get adjusted- all of them are very friendly. Good job

Cecil H

Dr. Silver is great and I love his friendly staff. They treat you like family.

Kenyon G

Dr. Silver and his team has been such great people. They have welcome my daughter and I with open arms. By coming to therapy it has help my back tremendous. I can tell the difference in the pain from when I first started to come to therapy. I just would like to thank Dr Silver and his team for being there for me while I go through this pain management. Thank you!

Tsjwanda G

I really appreciate the care. The staff is always very pleasant and helpful. I believe that I am heading in the right direction for recovery. The doctor clearly explains my conditions and what the appropriate steps for full recovery.

Evander C

Thank you Dr Silver for getting me better. Good job!

Lakandria F

This month makes 2 years with Dr Silver and I would not be here is it wasn’t for his great services and staff! They always welcome you with a smile and make you feel like family. I am very thankful for each and every one of them. Dr. Silver has truly been a blessing to my life. Where do I start with the Massages? She has angels hands. She is anle to paint what type of massage based on my needs that day. She makes me feel very comfortable and I love her!

Sally R

Staff and Doc are great!! Love them to death. I’ve been coming here for the last 4 years.

Margetta H

Dr Silver has helped me greatly since my car accident. My pain level in general has gone down and I’m very happy. Everyone in the office is great and they all make the experience very pleasant.

Chloe A

During our time with Dr. Silver, our daughter has seen much improvement with her mobility and pain management of her back and neck. We were not prepared for the pain she experienced in the car accident and the therapy she has received has helped her feel relief and be more mobile. Dr. Silver has also taken time showing Grace exercises to help her at home as well. He has been a wealth of knowledge through this process. The staff is always professional at every visit and I will continue to recommend Dr. Silver and his office to anyone in need of his services.

Grace M

After my auto accident, I couldn’t walk, couldn’t do any of my normal activities. Dr. Silver, his staff, and Haley Honeysett all came together for a treatment plan to get me back on my feet. The friendly staff always had a smile on their face while I was treated during my appointments. My daughter and my niece were also in the car with me and Dr Silver and his staff worked around their school schedule, so that they too were able to get the treatment they needed! I would highly recommend to anyone in pain to come to this office! I am a believer in Chiropractic and Acupuncture!

Meghann R